Virtual Worlds, Virtual Goods, Virtual Reality

LOOT Interactive has several years of experience developing virtual goods, having been one of the top third-party content providers for the now-retired PlayStation Home platform. Coupled with the knowledge LOOT has with game publishing and video streaming applications, LOOT is diving headfirst into developing virtual experiences for upcoming VR platforms and virtual worlds.

One of LOOT’s cornerstone philosophies is the concept of “Social Viewing” — the belief that a virtual experience is best enjoyed as a shared experience, in-world with other users. Many of LOOT’s best virtual experiences center around this ideology: be it virtual cameras that enable users to film in-world machinima and upload directly to YouTube, or virtual soundstages where users can create their own sets, or virtual TV sets that stream movies and music for users to share together, LOOT’s goal is to provide the tools for users to have fantastic shared experiences.

Here is a small sampling of some of the virtual experiences LOOT has pioneered:

HHH_day* Hollywood Hills House

Gaze upon glistening Los Angeles from your ultra-exclusive enclave in the Hollywood Hills! Equipped with built-in Entertainment On Demand television, a new built-in radio which plays music throughout the entire estate, and a new swimming feature for the pool, this is the ultimate party pad for you, your friends, your club and any VIP guests you wish to invite! Available as both an estate and clubhouse in SCEA, SCEE and SCEAsia Home!

Space_Apt1* LOOT Space Apartment

Enjoy technology of the future with LOOT’s Space Apartment, a three-story apartment with expansive views of Earth, outer space and the LOOT™ Space Station. Watch jellyfish swim in the multi-level aquarium located in the center of the apartment. Relax in the aquatic meditation environment pool located on the bottom level.

Stage_Set1* LOOT Modular Stage Set

Take your movie production creation to the next level! The Modular Stage Set provides the user with unprecedented levels of control over the floor, walls, backdrops, lights and camera systems. Also included in The Ultimate Machinima Bundle are the LOOT™ Active Camera and the LOOT™ Active Light items, which allow you to take the LOOT™ machinima tools to any private space you own, transforming it into a perfect location for shooting your movies and TV shows. Bringing your stories to life! The Ultimate Machinima Bundle includes the LOOT™ Modular Stage Set, the LOOT™ Active Camera and the LOOT™ Active Light items.

active_camera1* LOOT Active Camera

Now recording to your PlayStation 3™ harddrive and uploading to YouTube™!

The LOOT™ Active Camera provides the opportunity to shout “lights, camera, action!” while collaborating with your friends to bring new movies and television shows to life. The new video recording functionality, combined with the PlayStation®Home game engine (the social network available on the PS3™) enables talented PlayStation 3™ owners to become movie makers, telling their stories using video game artwork, a technique known as Machinima.

doctorwho_home1* Doctor Who

From March 27, Doctor Who will come to life like never before in the virtual world of PlayStation Home — offering more than 31 million gamers the chance to interact with iconic elements, environments and costumes from the series.

ghostbusters_home* Ghostbusters Firehouse

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Ghostbusters and its worldwide release on Blu-ray, LOOT, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s PlayStation® Home developer team, and Sony Pictures Consumer Products, together with Atari and Terminal Reality, are releasing the Ghostbusters Firehouse On Location for the PlayStation Home environment.

eod_yacht* LOOT Entertainment On Demand TV

The official trailer for the LOOT EOD TVs. Released in home on Thursday 8/30/12 in NA and EU!

 mib_hq* Men In Black HQ & Locomotions

Coming from your friends at LOOT™ are five new Men in Black™ locomotions that will have you riding – and flying – around PlayStation®Home. Be like one of the Agents, saving the galaxy in style with your very own Monocycle and Jetpack. Wanting something a bit more…Animal? Channel your inner Boglodite and cruise about on Boris’ Bike. There’s also the Flying Bike and Flying Platform, from the Men in Black: Alien Crisis™ videogame, where you can take your adventures into the air!