Fluster Cluck

Fluster Cluck is a frenetic, cartoony, dual-stick shooter for the PS4™ system. The player works their way up through the “Chikkin Koop” bureaucracy, with dreams of becoming a CEO, by going to various worlds and finding ingredients – cows, camels, zombies, other coworkers, etc. – to “chikkinize.” 

The more ingredients brought to the chikkinizer, the more points scored by the player. Each round is timed, and whomever scores the most points at the end of the round is the winner. Experience points are earned, advancing the player’s level and unlocking new and better gear with which to chikkinize ever more effectively.


FC_alpine1_missile_1player FC_city1_missile_2players FC_desert1_shots_4players FC_desert3_missile_2players FC_garage_4players FC_ship3_shots_1players