If you are looking for a fast-paced, arcade-style twitch game with an unflinchingly high level of difficulty, then do we have the perfect game for you. Introducing the diabolical demon and brutally challenging Velocibox, the unforgivingly tough action-arcade game from Shawn Beck Games.

Velocibox at first glance may seem like a simple enough game to pick up and play, but once your hands take hold of the controller, prepare to die… a lot.  Challenge yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally, as you navigate your way through a continuous obstacle course at furious speeds.  Players must negotiate a series of increasingly devious puzzle levels until they unlock the uber-hardcore difficulty level, Super Velocibox.


PlayStation Exclusive Features and Updates

If you dare to test your gamer skills, Velocibox will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 and Vita as a cross buy with a PS4 dynamic theme this summer.


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